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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Another special occasion at Joyworks....Two birthdays to celebrate this time.

Rita, who's birthday is tomorrow. If you are shopping at Joyworks, please give her a big birthday greeting.

Shelly, her birthday was last friday and they both claim to be forever 50!!!

We all were able to come in on our days off to wish them both the best and celebrate in Joyworks style. Brunch was served, quiche, cinnamon rolls and fruit and of course we had fun as we always do.

There were lots of amazing flower arrangements, pumpkins carved out with flowers arranged in them. Sorry no picture, but you can see the white pumpkin in the photo. I'm totally going to do that. Amy arranged fall leaves with sunflowers and it looked amazing.

Today is set up for Ruffles and Rust. We hope to see you all out there either Friday night, if you were lucky enough to get a ticket as they are all sold out or Saturday. Please stop by our booth and say hi to Jana and I.

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