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Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh Baby

I have had a problem in blogging land in which I had to contact Jana who proceeded to tell me how she is having a great time in 100 degree weather in Palm Springs. Lucky girl! She solved one problem and now I have experienced another. Apparently we do not have enough space for anymore pictures, so Jana will have to fix that when she gets home on monday. I had the cutest blog with great pictures and this was all I was allowed to do.

So, here at Joyworks we don't just have adult style, but also great clothes for the new little one.

We also carry a great line of diaper bags from "Kalencom of New Orleans" and they come in an array of fun patterns and are environmentally friendly.

We also carry the Quick Change Kit with Baby Wipes Box ($32.00) and Pacifier Pods that match the diaper bags. A great shower gift...

Lily one of our future shoppers was excited to model for us one of our crochet headbands. Check out her Robeez she is also wearing.

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